Monday, 15 November 2010

Khaleda Zia said"I was forced out" by Gov.

BNP chief Khaleda Zia broke down once again as she described how she had been, allegedly, dragged out of her cantonment house associated with most "intimate memories" of her life on Saturday. "They've uprooted me from my age-old memories," said Khaleda, referring to the eviction from her residence of 38 years from where she saw her husband, the military strongman Ziaur Rahman's rise and fall. She claimed that the defence personnel had insulted her when she was being driven out of her house. In a press conference at her political office on Saturday evening, the two-time prime minister claimed she was not given enough time to pack her belongings. BNP secretary general Khandaker Delwar Hossain, before her speech, had alleged that she was dragged out of the house, although the army said Khaleda Zia was leaving the house of her own volition. Khaleda said, "I've been living in that house for the last 40 years; a lot of memories of good and bad times are attached to that house." "After president Zia gave his life for this country, the memories around that house became more vivid to me." "Today, they have evicted me from that place full of nostalgia," she continued. Terming the eviction an atrocious act, the opposition leader said that she felt insulted and horrified by the "inhuman behaviour". "They even did not hesitate to hit my family members." "If this is the way they treat the main opposition leader, you can well imagine what the situation of the common people is," she said. The BNP chief claimed that law enforcers rammed the main entrance of her house. "They have dragged me out after smashing my bedroom door." Bursting into tears, Khaleda said law enforcers shoved her into the car. "They [the government] are claiming that I left the house voluntary, which is nothing but a total lie."

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