Saturday, 17 April 2010

Solar Energy Products

Solar Water Heaters are available in a range from 100 to 1,00,000 liters to suit the need of both domestic and commercial users. It can heat water upto 850C and able to provide hot water even during cloudy days. They are provided with non-corrosive components.
Solar Emergency Lanterns are rugged, durable, and portable and can emit omni-directional light for at least 3 hours on a single day’s charge. Emergency Lanterns are suitable for both domestic and commercial establishments like shops, clinics, bakeries, small hotels, offices and banks.
Solar Portable Lighting Kit available in several models, is portable with battery back up and requires no operational costs. Power is available at the flick of a switch, requires least maintenance and is environmentally friendly. Solar Portable Lighting is very useful for Homes, Banks, Offices, Shops and construction sites.
Solar Education Kit:
The Educational Kit plays an important role in helping young minds in schools to understand solar energy. It is a tool enabling the study of the operation of the solar photovoltaic system and electrical characteristics of a solar module with the following features.

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