Sunday, 7 March 2010


MODERN SANITARY LANDFILL is a process of waste disposal where disposal is done without polluting the environment and, at a comparatively low cost. In order to make a landfill, a suitable spot has to be selected away from the locality. A pit has to be dug in such a way so that it does not come in contact with ground water.
Now we have to fill up the pit at first with a layer of rock, then with clay layer. Finally we have to fill the pit with a plastic layer. The rock layer lays the main foundation. The plastic layer is placed so that the garbage can not escape from the pit. And the clay layer acts as a spring between the rock layer and the plastic layer.
At this stage some garbage can be placed on top and covered up with soil over it. A long pipe or tube should be inserted into the pit. This pipe collects the methane gas from the landfill and restores it to be used by the people. This gas is known as 'biogas'. Similarly some other pipes can be inserted to collect the leftovers of the garbage from the pit.

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