Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Vermi compost fertilizer

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. The economy of Bangladesh is mainly based on agriculture. The farmers of the country use many insecticides and pesticides to their crops. But these are actually polluting the environment. A fertilizer can be made which is environment friendly and also improve the crops. The name of this fertilizer is Vermi compost fertilizer.

Vermi compost fertilizer is good for the environment. This fertilizer is termed as vermin compost fertilizer because it is prepared from the excreta and dead bodies of earthworm and outer layer of vegetables. It can be prepared in 21 days.

The process for preparing vermi compost fertilizer:
* At first we have to dig a hole of 6 meters and put cow dung outer layer of vegetables into the hole up to 2 meters.
* Next we have to make a shed to cover the hole and put some earthworm into it.
* And after every two days we have to put some water into the.
* After 21 days, by threshing the mixture fertilizer will be obtained.
Vermi compost fertilizer has much usefulness. It costs cheap and can be home –made within short time. It increases the fertility of the soil .The unusable big clumps of the fertilizer after being threshed can be given to fishes. This makes them healthy and increases their breeding. This fertilizer can improve the economic condition of farmers. They have bumper production. This fertilizer doesn’t pollute the environment as it is easily absorbed by air and soil. If this fertilizer is used in Bangladesh, then her economic condition will be improved.
By applying this fertilizer Australia become the second agricultural in the world. If this fertilizer is used in Bangladesh, then the environment will not be polluted and our economic condition will develop leading the shine of the name of the country.

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