Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bangladesh win the Thriller Vs New Zealand

Bangladesh Done the Whitewash to New Zealand..................2010

Daniel Vettori wanted to win the last game of the series to salvage pride. After New Zealand failed and lost 4-0, the talk in Mirpur was that he shed a few tears and later called it the worst tour of his career, asking his team to learn from the opposition and not embarrass him in India. Throughout the last decade, those actions were a Bangladesh captain's prerogative but the last fortnight, and perhaps the last two months, have been refreshingly different for him.

Previously, special moments in Bangladesh cricket were made memorable mostly by the celebrations that followed. The wins themselves never grew into something bigger, except for bigger defeats. Consistency always played only a cameo.

After the disastrous defeat to Netherlands in July, even their inner circle started cold-shouldering the players. Bangladesh's coach Jamie Siddons then decided that the summer's frustration could only be blown off through plain old hard work, in the form of a camp that spanned a month and a half.

Bangladesh's players had never spent so much time training, according to the experienced Shahriar Nafees and few regular journalists. All of a sudden, they had net and fielding sessions from 8am to 4pm, a drastic change from Bangladesh's training method over the years.